Tumbled White Script Blood Fancy Jasper Stones from India - Polished Rocks!

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The Fantasia brand of tumbled Script Blood Fancy Jasper from India starts with completely Natural Earth Mined Rough Jasper from the edges of the Bloodstone Mine. In this area we find a lot of green jasper with beautiful natural white squiggle patterns, with some pieces even found to have beautiful reds or yellows in them. These stone are tumbled with a beautiful shine to bring out their brilliant colors. They are extremely versitile and can be used for a multitude of purposes including Crafts, Art Projects, Terrariums, Vase Filler, Flower Pots, Jewelry Making, Crystal Grids, Reiki and much more.

On average most pieces are around 0.75" to 1" and there are usually over 25 pieces per pound for most orders. These are sold in bulk by total weight ordered and not number of pieces, so the exact number you receive can vary from one order to the next. Each stone is unique and no two stones will be exactly alike in regards to shape, size, color, patterns, and all other natural characteristics which can vary in the rocks due to how Mother Nature created them. This gives every order you receive a unique charm and beauty only found in the Fantasia brand of stones.