Natural Himalayan Multi Candle Salt Lamp - 7.5" tall avg.

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The Fantasia® brand of Top Grade Himalayan Salt Lamps are hand carved masterpieces that provide a soothing and relaxing amber glow when lit and also act as a natural ionic air purifier. The quality of these lamps is unsurpassed and the salt used to sculpt these Fantasia® lamps is so pure that it is approved for human consumption by the FDA. By starting with this top grade of salt it provides a superior ionization process to enhance air purification compared to lamps manufactured with less pure salts. Fantasia's master craftsmen take this premium salt and carve all of the details in each and every lamp, then they are attached to a meticulously finished wooden base to provide not only a solid and stable surface for the salt but to also enrich the visual appearance of the lamp. Each lamp also comes with a top grade UL approved cord that has a dimmer switch and a vibrant 15 watt bulb so you can adjust the lamps brightness.

While the lamp is not lit the salt has a beautiful pink hue and when the lamp is turned on the light causes a beautiful and calming amber glow. As the salt is heated by the included bulb it produces negative ions which meet with positively charged particles such as smoke, pollen, pet dander, and other pollutants in the air. These negative ions cause the undesirable particles to fall to the ground which purifies the surrounding air and cleans it of the pollutants making the air smell fresher, healthier, and making it easier to breathe.

While the lamps are very consistent there will be minor differences from one lamp to the next in regards to size, color, and detail due to each being carved one at a time and natural variences in the color of the salt. Depending on the size of the room it may take more than one lamp to fully purify the air. The lamp you are ordering has been carved to hold both tea light candles and also light up with the included bulb. It measures roughly 7" diameter and 7.5" tall.